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Meixao Sterling Silver Cross Stud Cubic Zirconia Earrings for Women kePS3n
Meixao Sterling Silver Cross Stud Cubic Zirconia Earrings for Women

Attila Adamfi: I hope I will be able to answer.

Please note that the Robi points were mainly designed for a similar purpose to the Sinclair: to compare athletes’ results in different bodyweight categories at a smaller competition,not to compare athletes in the same category (that should be done by the Technical Competition Rules and Regulations) orto create a different “result” for a longer period.

The Robi score is (constant of the bodyweight category) X (total, to the power of the constant of the progressivity). Since the biggest factor defining progressivity is the world record, does that mean every weightlifter on Earth’s Robi score changes when a new world record is achieved in his/her category?

Yes, in general it is linked to the actual world record.

If a world record is invalidated due to a drugs retest, will they adjust all the Robi scores for lifters in that category?

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One criticism is that the Robi score only focuses on your weight category, not how much you weigh. So a super heavyweight weighing 105.1 kilograms gets the same score as one weighing 150 kilograms. Was this aspect discussed much before the IWF implemented the Robi score?

Yes, it is in line with the Technical Competition Rules and Regulations (TCRR), where the bodyweight is not a deciding factor anymore. For ranking in the same category, the TCRR shall be applied.

Will the IWF change the world records for Kezef 925 Sterling Silver Italian 12mm Pallini Ball Bead Bracelet Anklet or Necklace Chain HpGKbp7

Yes, new standards will be established corresponding to the new categories.

Was the Robi score designed with the Olympics in mind — as a system to make it easier to decide who should go to the Olympics or the World Weightlifting Championships? A common reaction we’ve seen is that the Robi is better than the Sinclair for deciding who should go to the Olympics but for average, non-elite lifters, the Sinclair was an easier way to compare athletes.

Not really, it was created for general use — the process started before the qualification system was created, when the bodyweight advantage was determined to be a deciding factor.

I don’t think the Robi points is more difficult, anybody can calculate (just like the Sinclair) on our website.

Thanks for your time.

Featured image via @iwfnet on Instagram.

Ugandan parliament is currently debating a bill that would prohibit women from wearing miniskirts in public, according to a article published Monday.

Though it might seem antiquated for those with Western ideals, such laws are common in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, in which women must be covered from head to toe in public.

But even though democratically elected politicans have earned the right to create laws, Uganda’s proposed miniskirt ban not only imposes upon freedom of personal expression but calls into question the values and ethics behind dress code policies worldwide.

Under the guise of limiting indecent exposure, the proposed law targets women and limits freedom of expression. Uganda’s Minister of Ethics and Integrity, James Nsaba Buturo, equated miniskirts with nudity in an interview with the BBC. He used this exaggeration to hold scantily-clad women responsible for distracting drivers and “enticing” rape.

Instead of addressing the issue of sexual crime in Uganda, Buturo plans to ban thigh-bearing skirts because he feels they “provoke” these crimes. This flawed logic exemplifies the rape culture that blames victims while simultaneously pardoning their attackers.

Citizens of the United States are lucky enough to not have to live under national laws dictating skirt length. However, local dress codes, especially in schools, can still infringe upon First Amendment rights. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech and non-verbal expression, yet certain institutions use dress codes to limit this right.

By forcing students to wear similar clothes, schools constrict creative expression and promote homogeneity. In addition, dress codes impose a standard of decency on students that only reflects the policymakers’ perspective. They force a standardized version of acceptable dress that does not take student opinion into account. Similarly, they neglect to consider the influence the fashion industry has on the availability of certain clothing and any cultural biases against donning merely “appropriate” attire.

Aside from the basic laws related to indecent public exposure, safety (such as closed-toed shoes being required at the gym) and the media’s censorship of nudity, federal and state law does not dictate clothing choices. Consequently, schools should also not limit students’ fashion choices by imposing strict clothing guidelines. Most institutionally sanctioned dress codes are instated to prohibit offensive or lewd forms of dress. But, as with Uganda, the schools generally have more pressing matters to attend to.

For example, a school might ban certain colored clothing because it is emblematic of a local gang. This policy reflects only a topical solution to the underlying problem of gang violence. Instead of restricting liberties, the real issue of gang violence could be addressed through reform programs.

Fashion is a form of personal visual communication that allows people to express themselves non-verbally. This liberty of expression should be considered a basic human right.

According to the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19, “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression.”

National precedent is even more definitive. In 1969, the Des Moines Independent School Distict attempted to prohibit students from wearing black arm bands in protest of the Vietnam War. School officials justified their actions by claiming these arm bands were a form of negative propaganda. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the students, upholding their fashion choice as a form of self-expression and peaceful protest under the First Amendment. In this instance, fashion spoke louder than words.

Though dress codes themselves are not wrong, the intention behind them should be evaluated. If, in the case of Uganda, the policy stems from a misguided attempt to address sexual assault, the policy should not be taken seriously.

Fashion is not a remedy for larger issues such as gang violence or sexual assault crimes. Instead of regulating clothing choices, energy should be put toward fixing the underlying problem. Clothing choice, after all, is a powerful and non-intrusive means of verbal expression — one which should be universally guaranteed and protected.

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Google offers machine learning REST API for image content understanding.

In this post I would like to show how to easily run image recognition in the cloud with a little help of powerful deep learning models. Several models are accessible using one REST API interface. You can upload your image and get specified insights. You can choose from following:

Face detection Facial Recognition is NOT supported Landmark detection logo detection label detection document text safe search image properties web detection

API have examples to run in following languages: C# , Go , Java , Node.js , PHP , Python and Ruby . There is also example how to use Curl to get results from the cloud.

Node.js Python

You will need to register to Google Cloud Platform (you can try for free), install GCP client for your OS, login in using client.

Code for this post can be found here:


Face detection

Vision API can detect faces and localize features. The online demo is limited to detect up to 50 faces per image, but using API you can limit the maximum number of detections by yourself.

Face landmarks

Landmark detection can find 33 face landmarks : eyes (19), nose(4), mouth(5), chin(3),… You can find the list here: Citerna Womens 9 ct Yellow and White Gold 15 mm Twist Hoop Earrings teUBtU

33 face landmarks

Here you can access Google tutorial for Curl:

Using curl to send requests | Google Cloud Vision API Documentation | Google Cloud Platform

Yeah! With curl you can get results in few seconds, let’s go! You will need:

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